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New health policies look for ways to introduce purposeful change within health systems. It is crucial that we understand the factors that influence policy outcomes to support better policy implementation. In Health Policy Studies and Analysis (HPSA), we conduct research focusing on ideas and concepts related to policy and the analysis of such policy.  It encompasses research on or of policy, which means that it is concerned with how policies are developed and implemented and the influence that policy actors have over policy outcomes. It also addresses the politics of health systems and health system strengthening and promotes work that explicitly seeks to influence policy, that is, research for policy. Through understanding the nature of policy and the processes of policy change, we gain new insights that help to explain how health system actors, and the relationships of power and trust among them, influence health system performance.


Roles & Functions

  • To stimulate, coordinate and conduct basic and applied policy research and analysis dealing with the organization, financing and effectiveness of health services
  • To provide tools and strategies that will facilitate decision-making.
  • To facilitate in translating research findings into health policies.
  • To provide methodology courses in health policy research and analysis.
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